The accolades of Chris Banke

November 25, 2016
For his decades of dog training expertise as well as his superior skill in the industry, Chris Banke has been widely recognized for his work across the years. Not only has Banke honed his skills in training to exceptionally training these animals for personal use as well as numerous professional capabilities, but he has built a well-known reputation since starting his first business at the humble age of 19. Throughout his career, some of Banke’s recognitions include his dog “Dino von der Maineiche” receiving the second highest Schutzhund/IPO 3 in the U.S. in 2003 with a trial score of 297 as well as “Dino” -- and Banke -- having a role within the Oscar-nominated movie Frozen River.

Pet trainer Chris Banke

August 24, 2016
For more than 30 years, Chris Banke has strived to provide the best professional dog training services possible to individuals with various needs. From those with pets who needs a bit of assistance to estate protection or the motion picture industry and more, Banke has honed his techniques to meet the training levels of those who need a dog with the right skills.

It was during his childhood that Banke cultivated a unique passion for dog training. One special dog -- a doberman -- by the name of “Dana” forever changed Banke’s life. She helped him in his first endeavors in dog training, and the rest is history as the young man took his hobby to a professional trade by age 19. It was then that he started his first business, Chris Banke Protection Dog Trainer, and began to offer his talents to those who required a dog with a higher level of training. Since that time, Banke has provided regional-level and national-level trained animals -- including breeds raised by his later developed breeding kennel business von maechtigan Turm -- to work in law enforcement.

His experience extends beyond law enforcement today as he works from his large facility in Northern Vermont. There, he continues to train dogs as pets for individuals and families. He also works as an independent trainer in the film industry, aiding dogs (and their owners) as they prepare for feature roles. Banke also holds a speciality in estate dog protection for those persons who wish to protect their residences a bit more.

Chris Banke, Training and Breeding Kennel Co. Owner

April 06, 2016
Chris Banke established his training company at the age of 19. After that he founded what has now become a large training facility that is currently located in Northern Vermont. His journey did not end there as Chris Banke went on to found his own breeding kennel as well, “vom maechtigen Turm.” Chris Banke has accumulated over thirty years of training experience at a multitude of levels from basic pet training to advanced law enforcement training. He currently works as an independent trainer for the motion picture industry and pet people alike. His own dog, “Dino von der Maineiche”, received the second highest Schutzhund/IPO III in the United States with a trial score of 297. Also, in 2008, Chris and Dino were in the Oscar nominated movie Frozen River, directed by Courtney Hunt.

Whether it be for Obedience, competition, or entertainment, Chris Banke is a dog trainer that can help you get the results you are looking for. Even as a teenager, Chris Banke has had a passion for training German Shepherd Dogs. His passion has led him to be a part of many training organizations. He was a founding member and Vice President of Schaeferhund Schutzhund Club, a founding member and training director of The Mid-Island Schutzhund Club and a founding member of The Pinebarrens Schutshund Club. Let Chris Banke help you with your training or dog handling needs.